Things to look for when choosing a pot dispensary

Pot lovers and patients in Medford, Oregon, have nothing to worry about because there are a couple of dispensaries selling the product to them. It’s legal to use pot in Medford, Oregon, but strict laws have been put in place to ensure this is not abused. Pot was made legal in Oregon on 1st July 2015 and only residents or tourists visiting the state who are 21 years and above are of legal age. This means that if you are an adult who is only 18 years and below 21, walking into any of Medford pot dispensaries, Oregon, is not allowed, and you should not be served as well. 

When weighing your options on Medford dispensaries that sell pot, there are a few things you need to look for. They include the following:

1. Reputation 

The first thing you need to consider selecting a pot dispensary is what other people say about it. Do not just walk into any dispensary because it seems like an ideal option for you. You need to ensure there is value in your pick, and one way to do so is by going through the brand’s website and looking at the reviews. Alternatively, you can also ask someone who has been there about the quality of both the strains they have and services offered at the dispensary. Your ideal pick should be one that exceeded other people’s expectations and was certainly worth it.

2. Strains offered 

Pot comprises different strains, and as a user, you need to pick a dispensary that offers the best of what you want. Whether you are only looking forward to a good high or its a medication, inquire about the strains the dispensary sells and pick one that has your match. An ideal and professional pot dispensary should have a wide variety of strains for its patients and clients. This ensures that even those who are only trying out different strains because they haven’t found their best can also walk in and buy as long as they are of legal age.

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3. Safety

Your ideal Medford dispensary that sells pot should invest in the clients’ safety. They should feel safe driving or walk to the dispensary without having to keep on watching their six. It should be in a safe location, and there needs to be security personnel guarding the premises. Once you see a security personnel manning the premise, you will feel safe to walk in and no reason to worry about buying your medication or high. Apart from a security guard and an ideal location, there should also be a CCTV system to monitor activities both inside and on sidewalks to the dispensaries as part of extra precaution.

4. Membership benefits 

While you are on the look for a good pot dispensary, you need to feel satisfied with the choice you make and look for extra benefits. Ask the dispensary if they offer membership services and what benefits you stand to enjoy once you enroll. Membership benefits may include education, massages, and discounts once you subscribe. Other benefits may also include deliveries once you make a purchase, and you cannot make it to the dispensary.

5. Cost 

Pricing is always an important aspect when buying products, and so does choose a pot dispensary. Always go for value for money instead of cheaper options. Cheap can be expensive, and the last thing you need to do is buy strains that are not of quality value. While you go for value for money, choose one within your budget range, and you are certain the strains you get in it are as prescribed or matches your expectations.

6. Licenses and permit

The last thing you need to do when looking for a pot dispensary is that it is not certified or licensed to sell in Medford, Oregon. Always ask the dispensary staff to show you their license in offering the service to you as a patient or client before you purchase. Suppose you did an online search on the dispensary? In that case, the brand’s website needs to have a copy of the licenses to assure clients that it has conformed to the regulatory authorities’ terms and a certified dealer. 

Final thoughts 

As you buy pot from any dispensary in Medford Oregon, you must carry your id with you because the salesperson may ask for it. You also need to bring you a prescription if you are a patient who needs the benefits offered by pot. Although pot is legal in Medford, Oregon, you should not buy to resale because it’s illegal to do so, and only licensed and certified dispensaries are allowed to.

Author: adminSanyo